Who Can Hear their Silent Cry?
…Only those who have cried alone

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The desperate tears … the hopelessness and despair. It doesn’t matter what city we go to, sadly, there are thousands living in the inner cities still crying out for an answer. Whether they are children in the street, women of the night or men in the ghetto, the pain of a wasted, hopeless life still hurts.

The Bible promises, “…the Lord God will wipe tears away from all faces.” Victory Outreach International will not rest until these hurting lives have heard the truth that can set them free. But it can’t be done alone.

That’s why “United We Can” was birthed. Its purpose is simple. If everyone comes together, efforts can be multiplied throughout the world. Victory Outreach International can bring the Gospel to the downtrodden and the forgotten.

Already “United We Can” has forged a pathway of hope where there was none before. The lost in cities from Amsterdam to Cape Town … from Naples to New Zealand, are hearing about the love that can set them free. There are churches in over thirty countries, in six of the seven continents… but this is only the beginning.

“United We Can” has made it possible to send people to the inner cities, open Urban Training Centers and sponsor foreign students desiring to attend a Urban Training Center.

Children’s Outreaches continue to reach, sponsor and minister to hurting street children in Columbia and Mexico through “United We Can.” In addition, creative dramas and crusades have been put on to tell the Good News. It has also helped with church facilities and building purchases in places like Curacao, South Africa, Spain, Venezuela and the United States. In short, these pledges help take the Gospel to some of the darkest corners of the world.